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Day 22

Interesting sequence to move into Sarvangasana/Shoulderstand and an interesting use of the chair! Do what you can of the sequence.

Day 21

Spent most of today in an Anatomy of the Shoulder workshop with Roger Cole. Here is a great article by him from Yoga Journal about Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand).

Day 20

A lot of people are expressing feelings of anxiety and stress these days. Here's a sequence for relieving anxiety. Do the poses that are available to you, skip the ones that aren't.

Day 19

A practice to work on clear boundaries, using yoga philosophy (yamas and niyamas) and poses.

Day 18

Day 17

Day 16

Here's a sequence that will help you learn the Sanskrit names! Use props as needed.

Day 15

Relieving depression with yoga. Do the modifications if you can't do the full poses.

Day 14

Day 13

Here is a chair yoga class for people who need to do yoga sitting in the chair. These could also be done at work by students who have desk jobs.

Day 12

Its that time of year with people getting ill and the rest of us trying to dodge getting ill! Here is a video for boosting immunity.

Day 11

Ah.... another unscheduled day off due to mudslides and downed trees on my commute route! Has the winter weather effected your daily routine? What yoga practice helps you to re-gain/maintain emotional stability? This sequence for emotional stability that Mr Iyengar published in his book Light on Life was just what I needed today. Modify the poses as needed, skip the ones that are not available to you.

Day 10


Day 9

Getting ready to drive to my classes today and the road was blocked by a mudslide due to the heavy rains we had yesterday. I ended up cancelling my classes or getting subs and taking a "snow day". Working on balance through yoga has helped me deal with these kind of life events that throw me off balance. Here's an easier sequence to work on balance. And here's a little more challenging sequence for working with balance in a different way!

Day 8

Do you still feel like you are coming back from the holidays? Some teachers out there might just be going back to work tomorrow. Here is a nice all over sequence with cute drawings to inspire you. Do the poses you can. And if you like the drawings, check out Teeny Tiny Om!

Day 7

Check out this video sequence that is appropriate for beginners, though intermediate students can use it as well. This one you can practice along with! Here is something to watch for inspiration - BKS Iyengar teaching a flowing practice in the old days.

Day 6

“To master yoga, you must balance the energies and forces throughout the body.” BKS Iyengar 

Balancing mobility & stability in the hips can help with back and knee problems, as well as hip pain. Yoga sequence to release the hips and low back.

Day 5

Bobby Clennell does a lovely job with "Pose of the Month". Love her drawings! Here is her pose for January - Adho Mukha Virasana, often called Child's Pose. Its a great way to start a practice, or used on its own to stretch out your back and shoulders. You can check back each month for a new pose!

Day 4

Day 3

How's your daily yoga practice going? Did you go back go to work today after a long holiday break? Do you have upper back/shoulder/neck tension? Check out this website for yoga poses you can easily do at your desk, office or workplace. She also has a link to yoga for RSIs, like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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