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30 Days of Yoga!

During this shelter in place, its a great time to start of rev up your home practice. For April, I am proposing “30 Days of Yoga”. I will be posting home practice sequences, video links, and other fun stuff on this page and on my Facebook page. Here are a few days to get you started. 

Day 1

Here is a basic Energizing sequence. Do the whole sequence or just parts of it as you like, add props or variations as needed. Do the standing poses 2-3 times each side.


-Sukhasana/Cross legs

-Supta Padangusthasana I & II/Reclining Big Toe Pose I & II

-Tadasana/Mountain Pose

-Virabhadrasana I, II & III/Warrior's Pose I, II & III

-Virasana w/Baddangulyasana & Gomukhasana/ Hero's Pose w/interlocked fingers & Cow-face Pose

-Adho Mukha Svanasana/Downward Facing Dog

-Chest opener lying down on 2 block, one under chest and one under head

-Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/Bridge Pose w/2 bolsters

-Viparita Karani (could do Sarvangasana/Shoulder Stand instead)

-Savasana/Corpse Pose

Day 2 

Is your back stiff from all the sitting you've been doing lately? Try this sequence of twists by Elise Miller. Do what you can, skip poses that are too much for you.

Day 3

Here is a mellow sequence ​you could even do before bedtime. Use props as needed - blankets to sit on, chair for the forward bend, props for your knees, etc.

Day 4

Working on balance through yoga has helped me deal with life events that throw me off balance. Here's a little more challenging sequence​ for working with balance, change the poses as you need to (1 leg in the leg lifts, bent knees in boat pose, chair for the hand in standing poses, etc.)

Day 5

Here is a video to help with rounding in the upper back​. This could also help with tight shoulders and neck tension.

Day 6

If you are feeling too busy to do your yoga practice today - take 5 minutes to do a simple legs up the wall. No props necessary except the floor and a wall, and maybe a blanket under your head for comfort.

Day 7

Here's a more gentle practice​ for your daily practice today.

Day 8

Here is a practice for relieving fatigue ​from Marla Apt. Do the poses you can, use props or variations as needed.

Day 9

Here's a short sequence for stretching the lower back.

Day 10

Check out the series of videos about home practice by Abhay Javakhedkar, Iyengar teacher in India.. Here is one on finding props around your house.

Day 11

Here's an easy to do at home sequence, no props needed!

Day 12

How are things going with your home practice space? Here's a great video about getting creative with what you have around the house in place of studio yoga props.

Day 13

Check out this link to the Yoga La Crosse website with home practice sequences for all levels.

Day 14

Check out this home sequence video with a hip focus. As always, do the poses you can, skip the ones that aren't available to you and use props as needed. 

Day 15

Another wonderful resource with a variety of videos to follow at home from Honolulu Yoga

Day 16

Here's another great resource for sequences for Iyengar Yoga home practice. Their blog has free photo sequences or you can pay for video sequences. They have quite a variety of topics and levels.

Day 17

Check out these You Tube videos for your home practice. This one shows the student using no props and a student using props for those who need them.

Day 18

Check out the sweetly drawn sequences from Teeny Tiny Om to guide you through your home practice (scroll through the jewelry posts to find the sequences).

Day 19

Check out this Supported Inversion sequence from the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog. You can search for articles and sequences about all kinds of topics.

Day 20

Check out this link to Mira Mehta's website and an interesting list of articles and sequences for various health issues


Day 21

Check out this Psoas focused sequence from Ray Long's website Bandha Yoga.

Day 22

Check out this video for a short practice for Osteoporosis and reversing bone loss by Dr. Loren Fishman.

Day 23

Check out this intermediate video from David Meloni, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

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